Collaborative welding robot designed for process pipe welding

pipe welding robot
With an air-operated manipulator, the welding arm can be easily moved anywhere in its 15ft reach. It can weld a spool of up to 30ft long. The arm can be moved down to weld 4″pipes at close to 3 o’ clock or moved up to weld 48″pipes at close to 12 o’ clock.
This three axis servo-driven welding arm imitates all motions you need to do 1G welding. The arm can move the torch up/ down, left/right while creating the weave motion. The welding arm also holds the wire feeder, HMI and pendant.
As the main operator interface, the HMI allows the operator to select welding mode, tune the weld and motion parameters a, plot trends, review logs and access many other features built in the machine.
This custom designed pendant allows the operator to easily start, stop and change motion and weld parameters while having the helmet down during the weld. It comes with a 5.7″ resistive touch screen, three axis joystick, hardwired safety rated Estop and easy-to-find rocker switches and push buttons.
SWR comes with Lincoln’s PowerWave® R500 (the best-in-class robotic power source), PowerWave® STT® module, Cool Arc® water cooler and AutoDrive® wire feeder.


  • Ability to weld pipe spools up to 30ft long and in a variety of different positions

  • Small shop footprint while accommodating forklifts, cranes and busy shop traffic

  • Collaborative welding arm using built-in safety system

  • Laser-assisted height control and seam tracking

  • Logging software which records all weld and motion data

*Patent Pending

SWR Collaborative Robot

No fencing or light curtains needed, the SWR is designed to work alongside operators as a collaborative robot. Safety systems including E-stops, safety relays, safety-rated speed monitoring encoders and torque monitoring sensors ensure the machine is always safe as required in the ISO 10218 standard and ISO/TS 15066.

Laser-based Distance Control and Seam Tracking

Using a laser camera and closed-loop control systems, the robot automatically maintains the torch to pipe distance with 0.1mm accuracy and assists the operator in seam tracking so primary focus can remain on the weld.

SWR Footprint

We designed the SWR for minimal space. The machine base and equipment require an 4′ by 6′ area in the shop compared to track mounted robots that need upwards of a 40′ by 10′ space. The SWR does not block forklift traffic or interfere with shop cranes, plus it has the unique ability to weld joints on pipe spools up to 30ft long.

SWR Envelope

SWR can reach  joints anywhere in its 15 ft reach from 6″ to 60″ height from the floor in a variety of different variations.

Collaborative welding robot designed for high-mix low-volume production

Lower cost per weld

Consistent and repeatable root pass

SWR options

Pipe Spool Welding Robot

Laser Assisted Seam Tracking

Using a Meta-Vision SLS ARC laser camera and closed-loop control, the robot automatically assists the operator in seam tracking to allow primary focus to remain on the weld. We strongly recommended this option for open root welding.
Spool welding robot positioner


The SWR can be integrated to work with existing positioners. Novarc can also supply one or more positioners based on your applications. The SWR can easily work with multiple positioners. The most efficient setup of SWR is to have two positioners working with the arm; alternating between welding and preparing the pipe.
fronius power source

Fronius Power Source

This option includes TPS 400i LSC Advanced power source. Learn more here
indexing table

Indexing table

The 2D indexing table enables SWR to weld on flat surfaces and various patterns on pipes. In order to do this, two servo motors with linear actuators move the work piece under the SWR torch.
TIG Torch and TIG welding


For your stainless steel applications, the SWR can work with a TIG Torch and TIG welding process to address your needs. Both Cold and Hot TIG options are available.

Scansonic Laser

Ideal for welding on reflective surfaces such as stainless steel, this three-line laser is available as an option. Learn more about the Scansonic Laser here

Miller Power Source

This option includes the Miller Auto-Continuum™ 500 power source. Learn more here


Add to your savings by using the EWR shielding gas regulator. Learn more here

Dual Torch

Take advantage of the dual torch dual feeder system to use GMAW or MCAW for root pass and FCAW for fill and cap passes.

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