Our Spool Welding Robot (SWR) combines advanced automation technology with human input to produce fast, efficient and repeatable weld quality. Concentrate on the art of welding, and leave the heavy lifting to Novarc’s collaborative robot

The Future of Welding is You

  • Simply move the robot to the joint and start welding in 3 minutes – zero robotic programming skill required
  • Maintain control and react to pipe variations by modifying weld parameters in real-time
  • Bring your robot companion with you as you move freely from joint to joint within a 15ft radius of the base, while working with multiple positioners
  • Remain close to the weld and collaborate with the robot using the pendant that’s specifically designed for welders, by welders. No enabling switches or fences necessary for your safe, collaborative companion
  • Let the robot take care of the torch movement and wave goodbye to hand fatigue
  • Reduce your exposure to welding fumes and heat
  • Your last legendary weld is repeatable, using the previously saved welding procedures
  • Choose between fast (single pass) or ludicrously fast, using pre-programmed multi-pass welds, 500 amp water-cooled torch and a 500 amp power supply 
  • Easily park the robot away from overhead cranes or forklift traffic when you’re done

Reliable, Repeatable Weld Quality

  • Increased overall weld cleanliness using mechanized motion
  • Constant stick out using fully automatic laser-based height control
  • Ability to optimize sidewall fusion
  • Reduction in weld stops and starts and associated potential defects
  • Ability to monitor heat input on the HMI per pass or per joint
  • Steady, adjustable weave allowing you to optimize weave width for best mechanical properties
  • Consistent and repeatable tie-ins, root pass and penetration
  • Modified short circuit GMAW (STT, LSC, RMD) for root and GMAW, MCAW or FCAW for fill and cap passes using single torch or double torch configuration